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  • Me and Amateur Radio (part two)

    (If you missed part one you can read it here.) In July 2005 we moved to the UK for some time as you probably already know :) Quite naturally it wasn’t possible for me to take the rig with me straight away (and we originally planned to stay here just for 2 months anyway…), but…

  • Romantic Weekend in Paris

    Another proof that the discounts work – this time easyJet discount on flight tickets encouraged us to book a short 3-day trip to Paris. Neither of us has been there yet, so we’re looking forward to it very much! By coincidence it can also be regarded as a celebration of our 3rd anniversary – yep,…

  • Me and Amateur Radio (part one)

    I haven’t written much about my amateur radio activities yet (actually, I haven’t written much at all yet… ;) Well, it’s about time to change it! In case you haven’t heard about it yet – amateur radio, often called ham radio, is a hobby enjoyed by about six million people throughout the world. An amateur…

  • Learn Chinese in 5 Minutes

    Have you ever wanted to learn at least a few useful Chinese phrases? Well, here’s the opportunity :-)

  • We’re Going Home

    Yep, after nearly five months, we’re going home for a few days again. We’re arriving on Wednesday 26 April about 20:00 CEST and leaving on Tuesday 2 May at 20:25. Main reason (beside seeing family and friends, of course) is wedding of my old friend Misa Kotkova.

  • Tired of everything? Try our new pills!

    I decided to start a new category for all that funny stuff one can find on the internet (and is constantly being spammed with by friends :-) So, here’s the first one:

  • My Brand New Shiny [Metal] Blog

    So, I finally got myself a blog, too :-) It’s based on WordPress, an open source personal publishing platform. Actually, I was always laughing at all those exhibitionists blogging every possible thought that may have crossed their mind. But when I came across WordPress, I just felt like giving it a go :-) So, let’s…