PuTTY Transparency Patch

Although I like nice and clean looking programs, I usually don’t care too much for eye candy. However, some time ago I’ve found out that MinTTY, a terminal emulator for Cygwin, includes windows transparency including native “Aero glass” look and I thought, well, it looks quite cool :) Incidentally, MinTTY is based on PuTTY, so theoretically it should have been easy to port it to PuTTY. It turned out to be a bit more complicated (as usually happens to me :) since I have nearly no experience with Windows programming and just basic C knowledge, but I persisted and eventually succeeded.

The transparency setting is seamlessly integrated in Windows/Appearance section. To fit it there I had to enlarge the configuration dialogue box slightly. As a side effect that allowed me to 4 more lines to the Saved Sessions list box.


Last updated 8/02/2010. Patch against svn trunk revision 8859.


If you want to try compiling your very own binary of PuTTY, please see my build instructions.


My patches are published under the same licence terms as original PuTTY.

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