Piit Who?

December 10th, 2010

That's me! OK, some boring facts about my humble sel: my name is Petr Sedlacek, I’m 31 years old and I come from the south of the Czech Republic. I was living in Prague for 8 years while trying to study at the Czech Technical University (oh, where have those beautiful wild student times gone :-) Five and a half years ago I’ve moved to England with my then-girlfriend, now fiancée. We live in a small town of Stourport-on-Severn in Worcestershire, about 30 km south-west from Birmingham.

I’m currently working as an IT Manager (fancy job title, eh?) in Kidderminster Footwear – one of the UK’s leading wholesale footwear suppliers (in other words, one of the companies that brings the largest amount of cheap Chinese shoes to the UK ;). I’m taking care of a couple of servers (two Windows Servers and 4 Linux machines) and about 70 Windows XP workstations at two sites connected by a VPN (Kidderminster Footwear and Wilfords Shoes, our daughter company in Leicester).

I’ve got a lot of different interests and hobbies – I like to try everything, but at the same time can’t do anything properly. Among others – sports (windsurfing, archery, mountain biking, squash, badminton, rock climbing), amateur radio (I’m licensed as OK1THA and M0WTF), programming (PHP, Perl, Java), model flying, photography, music (playing the guitar), films etc. Therefore, every day is about 5 hours too short for me… At the age of 31 I’m sometimes looking forward to the retirement! :-)

My Minatko

And this is the most wonderful girl I’ve ever met – Monika Vlckova a.k.a. my lovely Minatko. And since September 2009 my fiancée, too :) I met her in Prague over six years ago – and I hold on to her since, ’cause you just don’t run upon girls like this on the street every day! She’s 29, has a bachelor degree in special pedagogy and is working as a care assistant in Holmwood Care Home at the moment. She supports me in whatever I do and for that I can’t be grateful enough!


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