PuTTY Session List Patch

In the original PuTTY, as you can see in the screenshot on the right hand side, the session list only has 7 rows. During the time my list of sessions has grown significantly and now counts about 28 sessions in total of which at least 15 I use regularly. That would mean a lot of scrolling through the list. So I thought – would I be able to tweak the source code  to enlarge the config dialogue and the saved session list so that I can see all my sessions at once? Well, although I’m no Windows programmer it turned out to be quite straightforward.

I increased the size of the list to 31 rows (30 actual sessions + Default Settings) which is just enough for now as you can see below. The dialogue box is still just 656 pixels tall, so I might enlarge it even further later on.

Please note, in the interest of saving vertical space I’ve removed some captions (as you can clearly see from the two screenshots). I’m sure they won’t be missed by anyone familiar with PuTTY.


Last updated 4/02/2010. Patch against svn trunk revision 8859.


If you want to try compiling your very own binary of PuTTY, please see my build instructions.


My patches are published under the same licence terms as original PuTTY.

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